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Best for oily skin, this Charcoal & Clay Face Mask is made with French Green Clay and Bentonite Clay to absorb oils. Organic Calendula Flower Powder, Organic Lemon Peel Powder, and Charcoal Powder cleanse and discourage the presence of bacteria while soothing the skin. This mask is Black.

Each jar contains 8-9 uses. 

Each packet contains ONE use. 

Bundle contains: 1 Jar, 1 Handmade Porcelain Mask Mixing Bowl, and 1 Mask Brush

Directions: Measure 1 TBSP of Dry Mask and 2 TBSP of water. Mix until the consistency is creamy. Brush on to your face and neck. Wait about 8 minutes, do not let the mask dry completely. Rinse with water or a wet wash cloth, then pat dry. 

Please do not mix in a metal container or with a metal utensil. The metal causes the clay to clump and prevents a smooth mask consistency. 

Ingredients: French Green Clay, Bentonite Clay, Organic Calendula Flower Powder, Organic Lemon Peel Powder, Charcoal Powder.