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For anyone that has met me, you know two things: 

1-That I put my heart and soul into everything I do and

2-That literally nothing makes me happier than making other people happy and feel great.

The idea for The Soothery came from the most personally challenging time in my life, and is the result of trying to make myself feel better during that time. The best part is, I had no idea that making people say ahhhh, smile, and feel great would be the best feeling in the world! 

I was a ceramic artist before I had kids. I had FOUR awesome kids and while life was happening I found myself in a situation that no woman should find themselves in. Thankfully I was able to move forward and the creation of The Soothery and all of the products are what helped me do it.

All of the products at The Soothery are handmade by ME. I do not purchase pre-made mixes or "ready made" products then put my label on them. The products here are the result of months of research and testing and becoming deeply familiar with every single ingredient and how it interacts with every other ingredient. Each and every product took months to reach you, from idea to reality. Everything is made the way I like them and the way my customers like them. It is a great joy knowing that the quality of The Soothery products are a direct result of the high quality ingredients, tons of personal research, and finally, testing- not just on me and my family, but on my target market as well. 

My personal goal is to not just make people smile, but to feel comforted, uplifted, and just plain WORTH IT... with the most high-quality, hand-made products possible. I cannot wait to bring you not only the best hand-made personal products, but other awesome, comforting, and uplifting items that I find along the way. 

Dana P.